As a rep team coach, I’ve been able to see first hand the difference between players who are prepared and those who aren’t. It goes without saying that players who spend extra time learning the nuances of the game are the ones who stand out and become “go-to” players. My top players, including my own daughter, have been the ones who’ve been taught by Jana in private and group sessions. I’ve recommended Jana’s sessions to all of my players; the more experience with game situations you have as a player, the more you’ll be able to react and perform at a top level. This is the kind of benefit that Harrigan Hockey Inc. can deliver. Young female players really soak up the instruction when it’s coming from a female player and icon who has demonstrated that she plays at the very highest level. There’s nothing like it for our Barracuda girls.

Paul Cote, Barracuda Coach

Jana’s best attributes are her knowledge of hockey, the skills required to excel and the rare ability to instil those skills into young players. We have two daughters who have continued to develop and prosper since they began working with Jana 3 years ago. Her game specific drills work on multiple fundamentals at once which result in immediate skill improvement. On top of this, Jana offers intangibles that make her an inspirational role model for young players particularly females. While her stellar record of personal and team success gives her instant credibility, she also provides a fun and encouraging learning environment. She is friendly, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and genuinely interested in each players’ development and success. The girls are always motivated to give her their best effort and look forward to training with her. We have and continue to highly recommend Jana to anyone interested in hockey skills development.

Deb Walker, Barracuda Mother

I would highly recommend Jana’s hockey instruction. We arranged some private sessions for my daughter prior to the start and during the season and it made a huge difference in her game particularly her skating. Jana is a terrific instructor and a great role model and my daughter really enjoyed working with her. We’ve also recommended Jana to other hockey parents we know as well. Burlington Girls Hockey is very fortunate to have Jana in our city working with and developing many of our young female hockey players.

Steve Cabral, Barracuda Father